What is a QiQi treatment?

QiQi Hair Controller is a proprietary technology that penetrates softens disulfide bonds, and allows long-lasting changes in hair texture. Hair Controller includes active, acidic ingredients that soften the disulfide bonds, allowing you to reshape and change hair texture using heat activated tools. Safe for all hair types – including colored and chemically-treated. You can color hair same day after service is complete. Wear your hair how you like it the same day – ponytails, braids, or clips. Work out or shampoo same day. Hair is resistant to sweat, humidity and extreme temperatures. Feel free to take a dip in the pool or ocean without compromising the effects of the treatment. QiQi is free from harsh & toxic ingredients, No Damage. No Restrictions.

Which QiQi is right for you?

QiQi is enriched with organic compounds that are infused into the cortex of hair, providing the ability to reshape and restructure the fibres resulting in completely straight, manageable, healthy and strong hair tailored with specialised formulas for all kinds of hair:

  • Minimal Control: For almost straight to loose wavy hair types with high frizz needing hydration, shine and easier styling and frizz elimination
  • Moderate Control: For clients with wavy to coiled, moderate to coarse texture that desire curl and frizz reduction, softening but retaining some loose curl when air dried.
  • Maximum Control: For clients that desire Maximum results that removes as much curl as possible and do not have compromised, damaged hair.


  1. Will QiQi give me the same results as a chemical straightening?
    • No, QiQi is different from a harsh chemical straightening treatment. Depending on the condition and natural curl of your hair, results will range from completely straight to de-frizzed. If you have any questions book in a free consultation with one of our specialists.
  2. Does QiQi work on all hair types?
    • QiQi offers 3 unique variants for all hair types and conditions. Results will vary depending on the original condition and curl of the hair.
  3. What is the difference between QiQi and other straightening treatments available in the market?
    • QiQi is a unique acidic system made with organic components with the capabilities of a straightener or relaxer but safely react with disulfide bonds without harsh chemicals. QiQi can be left on the hair for up to 4 hours without any damage. Unlike Japanese straightening or Relaxers which damage hair with high alkalinity and cannot be applied for a long period of time. QiQi is not known to cause hair damage or breakage.
  4. Are the results for QiQi treatments permanent?
    • QiQi permanently changes the hair structure. Depending on how it is used it can create permanent straight results that will create a line of demarcation. This is conditional on the hair being healthy enough to absorb the treatment, in cases of extreme damage prior to a QiQi service.
  5. Does QiQi contain formaldehyde?
    • QiQi does not contain formaldehyde and is made of safe to use organic components with no dangerous effects.
  6. Is it possible to apply colour the same day as QiQi?
    • Yes this is one of the amazing things about a QiQi treatment, you can colour your hair after the treatment. You should wait at least 10-15 minutes after.
  7. Is it possible to highlight/bleach the hair before applying QiQi?
    • Yes, you can apply QiQi after doing highlights or bleaching. Bleaching can be performed before a QiQi service but is not recommended for at least 10 days after the treatment, it is important to perform a strand test before bleaching again.
  8. Does QiQi change the hair colour?
    • Qiqi QiQi can shift professional colour hair up to half a level. Many non-professional colours brands, some high fashion red, bleached and toned or colour corrected hair may see slightly more shift, but colour can be re-applied post treatment.
  9. How often can the treatment be done?
    • Even though the treatments are long lasting, it can be reapplied after four weeks.
  10. Can QiQi treatments be done safely on pregnant/nursing women?
    • While there are not any known adverse effects, it is always recommended to consult a physician prior to any hair treatment.
  11. Is it possible to perform the treatment on previously relaxed hair?
    • Yes, as long as the scalp is healthy.
  12. Can QiQi be applied to previously chemically treated hair?
    • Yes, you can. We recommend coming in for a strand test before using the product.
  13. Does chlorine or saltwater effect the results of the treatment?
    • No, QiQi is resistant to chlorine and saltwater.
  14. Is it possible to use any styling hair products on the hair immediately following the treatment?
    • Yes, styling product will not affect the results of QiQi.
  15. How long do you have to wait to wash the hair after the treatment?
    • There is no down time, the hair can be washed 10 minutes after the treatment is completed.
  16. Can the hair be put in a bun/ponytail after QiQi?
    • Yes, QiQi has no styling restrictions post treatment.

If you think a QiQi is for you, book in now for the service or a consultation with one of our specialists via the link. Book Now.