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COVID-19 – A new way of life and what this means for the hair dressing industry!

26 February 2021 by Circles

I think we can all agree that COVID-19 has changed the world we live in. Life as we knew it is no longer! But instead on focusing on the negative let’s take a look at what positive impacts this pandemic has brought us.

Being a part of the hairdressing industry has always been super exciting, it allows us to be creative, interact with people and transform people’s hair making them feel beautiful.

During recent years, the experience of coming to the hair salon has changed dramatically. As the client’s expectations grew hairdressers have felt the pressure to service our clients far beyond transforming hair. Unfortunately coming to the hair salon became more of an essential appointment rather than a luxury experience for our clients. The need to get in and get out to get back to our busy lives took away from the present experience.

COVID-19 allowed life to slow down and make us appreciate the now and what we are experiencing at present. The salon visit transformed into an event on our calendars and an experience our clients looked forward to. We now have our clients being adventurous and trusting us to transform their colour. They once again enjoyed the human interaction and the simplicity of a blow-dry.

Suddenly there has been a newfound focus on well-being and what this means and how we can implement this into our daily lives. Getting back to basics and celebrating the simple things in life have seemed to be a way of making this a reality. Our clients are now booking makeup and hair to just go out for dinner, life has really changed and made us appreciate the small things. Covid-19 has brought a celebration and gratitude of simplicity.

Speaking of reality as much as we love our Instagram models and fake sense of reality it seems that the tables are turning, and people are screaming out for the truth. During our recent lockdown, the staff of Circles shared their styling tips on simple techniques that you can do at home. We wanted to encourage and inspire people by educating how to add to your wellbeing! Hair is something that can transform your mood, we all know how it feels to either love or loave your hair. Check out our Instagram stories and meet the team for your hair inspo!


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