This transformation was completed on our Circles Salon Ambassador Talleigha. Talleigha is renowned for her adventurous risks she takes with her hair, allowing us to push outside the box of our usual work. For this look, instead of going for impact with a trend focused colour, we wanted to focus on care and hair quality and take her back to a more natural and flattering shade. Heading into winter, going darker is not a huge surprise, but we expressed the idea to play around with tones to create maximum shine to highlight her features with a more natural shade. The other change we wanted to make was to take her longer. Her shorter lob had been a key statement feature which we played with when experimenting with colour, but she wanted a more luxurious and sophisticated look with added thickness and exaggerated length.

We used skin wefts from Show pony to give the most length and thickness without looking “fake”, thanks to the seamless blend they provide. They are also extremely gentle which made them perfect for someone who has experienced so much dramatic colour work.

For the colour, we made sure we added as much dimension to the colour as possible to ensure we weren’t creating a stock standard brown. We decided to keep a few face framing highlights and lowlights in Talleigha’s hair as adding in the highs and lows created much more definition. With the wefts and colour change, this transformation took 6 hours to create and we love the luxe result it produced.

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