Emily Davies is a well-known Perth Influencer and Circles ambassador, who loves to push the boundaries with her hair. Emily is continually experimenting with colours and lengths, which is why, thanks to our tailored product recommendations and in salon treatments we have the ability to drastically change and be versatile with her hair for festivals and other events.

This transformation was created to highlight our team’s ability to apply cutting-edge techniques to transform our clients look. To begin the transformation we used foils to highlight Emily’s blonde tones and also colouring the extensions bubble gum pink. Following this, finer strands of Emily’s hair were strategically segmented so that the adhesive tape stuck firmly between the hair.

Once the pink accents were worked into the hair, it was then styled softly to complete the look. Emily’s hair resembled girly bright tones and strong pink rebel streaks reminiscent of a 90’s vibe. Her look was a modern take on this past trend due to the softness of the blonde and the strategic placement of the pink pieces. The extensions added instant length and volume which enhanced her style and striking eye makeup.

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