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Re-Inventing your blonde!

28 May 2021 by Circles

It is safe to say that our blonde clients have become our bread and butter! With so much choice and variety of what constitutes a blonde these days, we are now faced with an overwhelming choice of trends and what is best suited to the clients. There are the all important factors that need to be considered, hair type, lifestyle, budget, desired results and maintenance.
At Circles of Hair we love creating the perfect blonde to suit our clients and knowing what technique to use is crucial!

The subtle face frame is the perfect way to create that pop of colour creating a lived in result with minimal maintenance. Not every blonde wants to be saturated with colour, a lot of clients are wanting to simply work with their natural colour and enhance their natural beauty. This technique is usually called baby lights, super fine foils around the hair line.
We are also seeing a massive trend at the moment of a chunky face frame! Totally inspired by the 90’s and super popular with the youth. This trend is also low maintenance and can be a fun way to play around with different tones. The result is achieved by back to back slices around the hairline.

Balayage has been around for ages and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. This awesome colour allows you to have melted tones, allowing both light and dark to complement each other! This service can normally be stretched out to around 8 to 12 weeks allowing the client to be super blonde without the high maintenance. If you’re wanting to really enhance the blonde a basin balayage is a great way to create those icy ends. We recommend to come in for a toner in-between salon visits to refresh those super blonde locks. Don’t be afraid to embrace those warm tones to complement warm skin tones.

Let’s not forgot our bombshell blonds! This style has been with us since the beginning of time and is defiantly here to stay. This classic look is more traditional using back to back foiling technique, which looks more like an all over colour having not much variation. This look does require a little more maintenance then most colours, we always recommend you’re using salon professional hair care to help maintain healthy hair.

Yes its true blondes have more fun… don’t be afraid and be daring. Pastel tones are a great way to inject a quick change for a blonde without the nightmare of regret. Ask your hairdresser about staino or simply try a colour conditioner to create your perfect pastel!

Author: Kirsty Hockey

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