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Styling is a very important part of creating the final look to your hair. It has the ability to enhance your colour and cut and take your look to the next level. Hair is a true representation of who we are and how we want the world to see us.

Special occasion styling is something we love to create for our clients. From being red carpet ready, polished to perfection, sleek and sexy or beachy and fun. We specialise in creating any look to suite any occasion, from your school ball, festival hair, or just your regular Saturday night out on the town.

Updos are more popular than ever. Our work includes ponytails, waves, intricate braids, bouncy volume blow-dry plus more. Hair ups are not only for long hair it works for mid-length styles as well. We have a range of temporary extensions from halos or clip ins, this will take your look to the next level and create the length needed for your style.

Curly hair is an art and can difficult, its prone to frizz and has a mind of its own. Here at circles we can take your curls to lushes’ locks and help define your natural texture.

At circles we pride ourselves on our signature blow-dry, our clients are drawn to us for the work and image of the Circles girl. The circles waves are relaxed and natural looking, with a hint of romance to create the perfect bohemian look.