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You’re Making Salon Waste History

13 June 2018 by Circles

We would like to announce that we have joined sustainable salons. this revolutionary resource recovery program is designed for the salon to achieve zero waste, reduce our carbon footprint, and implement sustainable work practices that benefit the local community.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, 95% of the resources used during your service will be diverted from landfill and sent for recycling thanks to our partnership with sustainable salons.

All the proceeds gained from recycling the salon’s metals will be donated to not-for-profit community-based organisations that do a killer job helping humanity.

Plastic product bottles, packaging and bags are recycled into new products and kept out of our oceans.

Any leftover chemicals will be recycled into water and used in construction/road works.

Cut off hair will support charitable causes such as oil spill clean-up projects, local community gardens and charitable wig making services.

Once our tools reach their end-of-life, they will be broken down and all valuable parts will be repurposed.

What Does This Mean For You?

Each time you visit our Sustainable Salon your service bill will include a small Green Service Fee of just $2 that will support the salon to keep Its commitment to sustainability without compromising the quality service we offer you.

For more information please visit or ask your stylist during your next visit.

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