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Getting your colour on point

12 August 2020 by Circles

Its time to embrace the warmth and dare to be copper!

Whether you’re looking for a complete colour change or the perfect pastel we have you covered. Here at Circles we love creating the perfect copper tone to suite you. There are many shades of copper and finding the right one to suite you can be hard.

Copper comes in many shades and varies in depth depending on how intense you want your colour. It has the ability to make your eyes pop and skin glow. Choosing the right tone comes down to suiting your hair type and skin tone.

Copper can mean anything from fiery copper to soft strawberry, deep ginger to a copper penny. When it comes to creating a fashion colour having the right base to work off is everything. Copper does not need to be a global colour, you can start by introducing new tones to your ombre or balayage.

Circles offers a free consultation so if your thinking of having a change and want to do something different come in and see us and our team will be happy to create your ultimate copper colour.

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