The team at Circles also specialise in tailored treatment services

Metal Detox

Wash after wash, metal present in water penetrates inside your hair.​
It causes hair breakage & color shift.​ Metal Detox cleanses these metals leaving hair with -87% hair breakage, Longer lasting color, 2x shine.

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Kerastase Fusio Dose

Fusio-Dose treats your hair and immediately transforms for lasting results. We will target your primary hair care needs based on your hair’s condition. Whether your hair is lacking shine, gloss or smoothness these concentrates are able to repair your hair instantly. We will then target your secondary hair need identifying whether you require further nutrition, reconstruction or blonde enhancement.

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Absolut Repair Molecular

When hair is damaged, its molecular structure, composed of peptides, is compromised. But most peptides are too big to be reinjected into the fibre, making damage almost irreversible. Scientific discovery – Absolut Repair Molecular. Help strengthen damaged fibres* for long lasting repair. For the first time, L’Oréal’s Advanced Research Team successfully managed to decompose peptides, to inject their components separately into the fibre**. Once inside, they reform & rebuild the molecular structure of the hair.


Innoluxe is mixed into your colours and bleach solutions and rebuilds and repairs the broken bonds directly in the hair’s core! This means your hair will be healthier and stronger with your colour service but also that we as stylists can push your colour that little further without fear of extensive damage.

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QiQi Hair Controller is a proprietary technology that penetrates softens disulfide bonds, and allows long-lasting changes in hair texture. Hair Controller includes active, acidic ingredients that soften the disulfide bonds, allowing you to reshape and change hair texture using heat activated tools. Safe for all hair types – including colored and chemically-treated. You can color hair same day after service is complete. Wear your hair how you like it the same day – ponytails, braids, or clips. Work out or shampoo same day. Hair is resistant to sweat, humidity and extreme temperatures. Feel free to take a dip in the pool or ocean without compromising the effects of the treatment. QiQi is free from harsh & toxic ingredients, No Damage. No Restrictions.

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Have you always wanted to try a wavy or curly hairstyle? we can help you achieve the curls of your dreams with a perm to suit your style. Not just for the ladies,  perm hairstyles for men can be a dramatic and long-lasting change to your current look!

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Keratin Treatments

Circles of Hair offers a range of Keratin services. If you spend hours, trying to achieve a smooth and sleek look each morning, our keratin treatments might be just for you!

To learn more about these specialty treatments simply ask your stylist or book in a consultation.

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