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Hair Extensions

17 March 2021 by Circles

In this era of social media we see celebrities going from short hair to long hair overnight! It’s no secret to us that this is only made possible by hair extensions! We live in a time where we want instant results and also change our mind overnight. How many times have you gone for the chop and within a few weeks wished you had Rapunzel length hair again? Or have been extremely naughty and not taken care of your locks after going lighter, only to experience the chemical hair cut? Well, we are here to save your soul. The Victoria Secret look is loved all around the globe and is a trend that we can confidently say won’t EVER go away. It’s so dreamy that you have to experience it at least once in your life.

At Circles of Hair we specialise in human hair extensions. We use premium European hair and offer a wide variety of products to suite all hair types and all occasions. Our range consists of micro beads, tapes, wefts and clip-ins. Whether you are looking for length, mass or simply need extra volume for your pony tail or up style we have you covered. Human hair extensions have become a fabulous fashion accessory to create highlights, fill in gaps, indulge in a non-committal fringe or fix bad cuts. Knowing what type of human hair extension to go for can be tricky as there are many options. We always recommend you come in for a free consultation and speak to one of our specialist to diagnose the right product to suite the result you’re after.

There are many factors that need to be considered when deciding on what type of human hair extension to invest in. Points we consider during the consultation to ensure you choose the correct products are. Hair care – How does the client care for their hair at home? Styling – How does the client wear their hair day by day? Budget, availability to rebook and lastly the clients desired outcome.

Hair type is one of the more critical factors to consider as fine hair can present challenges as it is prone to breakage, therefor careful consideration has to be made on what type of human hair extension is best suited. Also hair density is a factor as this will determine how much hair is required for the desired result. The last factor that cannot be overlooked is life style, as each different type of human hair extensions requires different levels of maintenance.

When deciding to invest in human hair extensions you must be aware that maintenance is a key factor to insure you get long jeopardy. It is recommended that all permanent human hair extensions be adjusted between 4 to 8 weeks. Not every salon specialises in human hair extensions and not every stylist is trained in this field, so choosing the right salon with the right knowledge is essential. At Circles we recommend you come in for a free consultation with our specialist to decide what type of human hair extension is best suited. During the consultation all factors will be discussed and the stylist will address all your questions and concerns.

Each type of human hair extensions requires different levels of maintenances, tape hair extensions require a little more maintenance as they need to be blow-dried from wet to dry. This eliminates moisture getting into the bonds and prevents slipping from the hair. Weft hair extensions are normally designed for clients wanting more mass therefor can be prone to knotting, daily brushing and blow drying will help prevent this. Micro bead hair extensions are individually placed in the hair so an adjustment is especially important to prevent pulling and tension on the scalp. There are many do’s and don’ts when wearing human hair extensions!

At Circles of Hair we offer a free scalp consultation using the Kerastase diagnostic camera. This allows us to take a closer look into scalp concerns and diagnose the right product to suite the concern. Many people overlook scalp care or feel embarrassed to talk about scalp issues but healthy scalps equals’ healthy hair. Come in and see us today for your complementary scalp diagnosis and start eliminating those concerns today!

We recommend you to loosely plait your hair while sleeping, swimming or exercising to prevent tangling. Also sleeping on a satin pillowcase is highly recommended, it is not advised to sleep on wet or damp hair. When brushing hair, hold sections at the nape of the neck to prevent stress to the scalp. Also use an appropriate human hair extension brush, this will have less impact on the hair and should be used prior to shampoo as it lifts and loosens dead skin cells, dirt, styling products, stimulates blood circulation, releases knots and makes it easier to shampoo.

When blow drying the hair avoid using high heat around the tape area to avoid slippage. Also when using straighteners and curling irons try to avoid the tape area. You must be thorough when shampooing to remove oils, waxes, styling products, dirt and dead skin cells, as build- up can occur. Ensure you thoroughly concentrate on the root area and only apply conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair to avoid compromising the human hair extension adhesion, as the conditioner may make the hair slip or loosen.

Before applying hair extensions allow a gap of 3 days between a hair colour service and your human hair extension service, as there may be colour residue on the hair or swelling of the cuticle and the application of the hair extensions may not be as secure. Before application the client’s hair is washed thoroughly with a deep cleansing shampoo prior to being fitted and all hair is 100% dry before placement. After application avoid chlorinated water and salt water. If you choose to swim it is recommend to always wear a leave-in protective cream whilst in the water. Do not shampoo or condition your hair for 72 hours after having skin weft or tape extensions applied, this product needs time to settle after application.

During the wear of your human hair extensions, there may be shedding. If there is a loss of your hair or if the hair extension becomes loose, it is suggested you book in for an appointment. Please note that oily hair contributes to slipping or loosening of the hair extension. Do not pull aggressively at the hair or apply force to the hair. A gentle approach is recommended at all times as you will not only compromise the life of your hair extension you may also compromise your own natural hair. It is not recommended to colour or tone your hair whilst hair extensions are in the hair, this also includes toning shampoo and products. Choosing the right products to use on your hair has always been super important as this will determine the integrity of your hair. This is especially important with human hair extensions, suitable products include those that offer solar protection and thermal ranges for those who heat style.

At Circles of Hair we pride ourselves on using only the best quality of hair from our chosen professional suppliers, product and Amore. Showpony have chosen to use a blend of Indian and European hair, as the Indian hair supplies the strength, while the European hair adds the softness to our blends. So now let’s takes a closer look into the different types of extensions.

Clip In
Our clip in human hair extension range consists of two options, 7 piece clip in set and a 3 in 1 halo. Both options are a temporary solution to longer thicker hair and are a great option if you’re looking for low maintenance. These allow you to create length and volume whenever you want without the maintenance to go with it. Both options are suitable for all hair types. The 3 in 1 halo can also be used as a pony tail and is best suited to fine to medium hair. The halo is easier to apply at home as it is one solid piece. The 7 piece clip-ins are 20” in length and are 100 grams. They come in 10 different colours and allow you the versatility to be placed where ever the hair requires more fullness. Both options will last for 6 to 12 months depending on aftercare.

Weft human hair extensions can be applied with various methods for either permanent or temporary requirements. They are suitable for more medium to thick hair and for clients looking for intense thickness and length. They are designed to be measured and cut to size, and are sown into the hair. Up to 6 rows can be applied. Great for clients who require hair extensions and colour services on the same day. They are also a fantastic tool on photoshoots, backstage events or bridal hair.

Micro Beads
Mini Micro Beads are for that undetectable finish. They are classed as permanent hair extensions suitable for medium to thick hair and are perfect for creating length and volume. They consist of a silicon top, virtually unbreakable. Teamed with a mini micro beads to hold in place. There is no glue or adhesive so it is gentle on natural hair. They are reusable allowing rebounding over and over again. We consider our mini micros as our most luxurious range as they are of high quality A+ double drawn human hair.

Premium slimline tape human hair extensions are thin and non-bulky. Most suited for fine to medium hair. They are fantastic for partial work, filling in gaps, adding volume, applying highlights and ombre effects. They are reusable and undetectable. They come in 3 different lengths which you can mix and match 14”, 20” and 24”. With 25 different colours to choose from they are by far the most versatile option for permanent hair extensions.

Skin Weft
Skin weft hair are super slim tape bond individually sewn to create a natural scalp look. They are flatter and thinner allowing the tape to sit flush against the scalp. Best suited for fine to medium hair. They are incredibly natural and flawless looking and barely detectable on the scalp. Fantastic for fine hair! They are also perfect for partial applications, non-committal colours, highlights, volume and length. They have 26 colours to choose from and are reusable. We would say this is the most discreet form of tape extension.

We look forward to seeing you at Circles of Hair for your upcoming consultation for your premium human hair extensions! Book online or call us today!

Author: Kirsty Hockey